Playground Sessions for iPad Version 2.0

Hello Everyone!

Today we’re excited to announce a big update to our iPad app: it now supports videos!!

This is a huge step forward in bringing big features and functionality to tablet versions of Playground Sessions.

Along with this, we’ve also added some huge improvements, including the ability to play Playground’s interactive sheet music lessons using the app’s on-screen keyboard instead of a physical keyboard. Our on-screen keyboard now supports multi-touch (you can play and hear more than one note at a time) and can be used in the lesson player for real-time feedback.

We’ve also updated the iPad app with the same keyboard configuration process that you experience on the desktop version (playing the far left key, then the far right key), allowing you to now configure the on-screen keyboard to match the size of your actual keyboard.

Thank you all for your suggestions, requests, and patience as we continue to improve our iPad app. We hope everybody enjoys this new version. Let us know, in the comments section below, what major features you’d like to see added to the iPad next!

Change Log

  • On-Screen Keyboard
    • Now can play more than one note at a time.
    • Now can use in lesson player, for when you don’t have a keyboard with you.
  • Lesson Player
    • Video player with notation-sync
    • Minor performance improvements for sheet music
  • Lesson Library
    • Removed checksum checking (lessons download much quicker now)
  • Login Prompt
    • Moved input prompts up to allow more space for onscreen keyboard (soft keyboard)
  • Settings -> Piano
    • 85 key option replaced with 88 key option.
    • “Custom” keyboard option added to configure the on-screen keyboard to match your actual keyboard.
  • Updates System
    • We’ve added in a new update check system that will notify users of updates, similar to how the desktop version of Playground does today.

9 thoughts on “Playground Sessions for iPad Version 2.0”

  1. Robert Fowler

    Wish list for iPad version.
    1. Remember where lessons left off in menu. Now one has to scroll through menu from beginning every time one leaves lesson and returns.
    2. Change midi default in piano configuration so that one doesn’t have to change this every time one uses the software.
    3. Fix issue with feed from earphone port of iPad to audio-in of keyboard (Yamaha Clavinova CVP 701). Works for a while, then corrupts software to where it must be reinstalled to be useable.

  2. Please fix this bug — when I complete a video lesson and then attempt to close it to move on to the next lesson, the video lesson’s audio mysteriously starts playing again in the background. The only way I have found to stop this is to switch to another app or to close and reopen Playground Sessions. Plus, I never get credit for completing the lesson. This is super annoying.

    Also, please add support for midi over bluetooth. I have a workaround that allows me to use my Yamaha Bluetooth midi adaptor, but a program as cool as yours ought to have direct support!

    Thanks for listening 🙂

    1. Debbie,

      I am very interested in having bluetooth support too. Curious as to your workaround method because I have a Yamaha Bluetooth adapter too.


    1. Mariya Stepanenko

      In order for a lesson to be marked as ‘completed’, make sure to allow the app to give you a score. Don’t quit the lesson until the score is loaded. Also, you need to receive a score of 80% or higher.
      Try closing the app and relaunching it. If the lessons are still not marked as completed, please email us at and we’ll assist you further!

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