Playground Sessions 2.5

We are excited to announce the release of Playground Sessions version 2.5! This version includes many improvements and bug fixes.

You can download the new version here:

Change Log

Lesson Player

  • Fixed glitch with cancelled practice records
  • Removed tempo slider from toolbar
  • Improved custom tempo prompt to show slow, normal tempos better and allow 200% of normal tempo.
  • Metronome is now defaulted to be on.
  • Videos are now 75% smaller in file size for quicker downloads and smaller hard disk requirements

Application Updates

  • Shows multiple version updates (if user hasn’t updated in a while).
  • Version data is now shared across the system, so the version numbers that show up on the website will also be the same as the update screens.

Manage My Lessons prompt

  • You can now search by lesson name
  • You can now view installed lessons, where as before you could only see lessons the server said you had bought. This is useful for when you on are a computer with multiple accounts.

In App Forum Browser

  • Back, home, forward buttons
  • URL bar (can’t edit, but can view)
  • Copy URL button for sharing the url with others


  • New UI for showing / access more courses.
  • We will be rolling out the first few extracurricular courses in the next couple weeks

Song Store

  • Now shows more relevant song on main page.

Offline Mode

  • Offline mode now gives you a nice score dialog.
  • Major UI improvements for offline mode.
  • Courses now show up in offline mode.


  • Can now control sound effect volume.

Let us know what you think about the update in our forum:

And keep an eye out for more updates coming in the near future!

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