How to Play the Piano for Beginners

“How to Play Piano for Beginners” is the best guide for anyone interested in learning piano. Written by experienced piano instructors, our comprehensive guide covers all the basics you need to start playing piano. You’ll learn everything from proper technique, to reading sheet music. We’ve loaded the guide with instructional videos and diagrams to make your learning experience as smooth as possible. See how fun and easy learning the piano can be – start reading today!

Every Expert Was Once a Beginner

Welcome to our ultimate guide on how to play piano for beginners! We want to commend you for your interest in learning the piano. We love playing the piano, and we’re delighted that you want to play too. We wrote this guide to share our knowledge and help you get started on your musical journey.

Are you a piano beginner with questions about learning piano? Are you wondering which instrument to buy, which songs to play, or how to practice effectively? Are you curious about what you’ll actually learn when you start practicing music? Do you want an overview of different piano learning options? If so, then this is the piano guide for you!

Why Piano? Why Now?

You may be wondering, “Is piano hard to learn?” You may also be concerned about the time it takes to learn piano. We want to convince you to set aside your worries and jump right in. Even playing the piano for just a few minutes a day nourishes your mind, body, and soul. The feeling of making beautiful music with your own two hands is extraordinary. Playing a simple melody is deeply satisfying. Whatever your age, whatever your previous experience with music, and however much time you have available, the best time to start learning piano is…now!  

How to Use Our Piano Guide

Our piano instructors wrote this guide to help educate anyone who wants to learn how to play piano and get them excited about taking the leap. In this learning guide, we’ll teach you a little about music and the piano: we hope that this whets your appetite for learning even more. We give some advice, but it’s always friendly: we want to help you make the decisions that are right for you. Above all, we want to make sure that your musical journey is as fun, exciting, and enjoyable as possible.

Everything You’ll Learn About How to Play Piano

Here’s a summary of each chapter in the guide:

Chapter 1: Beginning Piano 

In the first chapter, we give an overview of all the options for learning how to play piano. We discuss the pros and cons of video tutorials, in-person lessons, and music learning software with respect to price, flexibility, social support, etc.

Chapter 2: Keyboard vs. Piano: Choosing What’s Best For You 

We break down the many different options for choosing an instrument that makes sense given your own priorities. Again, we discuss some pros and cons of each category.

Chapter 3: Learning Piano Basics 

We go over some aspects of piano technique to help you get started at the keyboard.

Chapter 4: How to Read Piano Sheet Music 

We explain why it’s helpful to learn how to read music notation, and introduce its fundamentals.

Chapter 5: Must-Learn Piano Songs for Beginners 

We share some songs, chords, and classical pieces that are fun to learn, as well as some ideas for how to practice them.

Chapter 6: How to Practice Piano 

We talk about the importance of practice when learning how to play piano and how to keep it engaging.

Chapter 7: Common Questions About Learning Piano 

In this final chapter, we answer some questions that beginners often have about practice expectations, as well as some practical matters.

What to Do Next

Now that you know what to expect in this guide, we encourage you to read it at your own pace. You can read the chapters in order, or you can skip to the chapters that address your specific questions. In addition, we urge you to follow our blog to keep up with new piano tips and tricks.

We wish you the best on your musical journey!