Playground at the RPMDA Conference

Playground Sessions is a proud member of the Retail Print Music Dealers Association (RPMDA) and recently attended their annual conference in Dallas, Texas.

The RPMDA has been the voice of the print music industry since 1976 and although Playground Sessions isn’t a conventional member of RPMDA, we all share the same mission to provide the highest quality music arrangements while fairly compensating the songwriters and music publishers. One of the key topics we are trying to address is the massive amount of illegitimate websites that provide access to unauthorized sheet music. The quality of unauthorized sheet music is often second-rate and doesn’t adequately compensate the songwriters, and if the songwriters aren’t properly compensated they won’t be encouraged to continue writing the songs that people enjoy listening to and learning.

Many people continue to enjoy the experience of reading music notation and placing sheet music on their music stand or piano. We’re proud to continue this tradition while also innovating the experience with our interactive sheet music that you can only find in Playground Sessions.

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