KSL Browser 5.0 Interview

Yesterday, I was in Salt Lake City to be a guest on KSL’s “Browser 5.0”, a popular news segment in Utah. Seeing how this was my first live interview about Playground Sesssions (or about anything at all), I was very excited for the opportunity!

Watiting at KSL

After arriving at the news station in downtown Salt Lake City and signing in with the receptionist, Sean (our head of technology) and I sat in the waiting room while watching the live coverage of the news. Before long, we were called into the “Tech Talk” studio where I was then mic’d up while waiting for my segment.

Photo Nov 18, 11 39 59 AM

Photo Nov 18, 11 40 17 AM

The interview was conducted by Lori Prichard, and was short, sweet, and a lot of fun!

Photo Nov 18, 11 50 52 AM

In case you weren’t in the Utah area to check out the segment yesterday, check it out:

Thanks again to Jennifer Hardman and Kristine Pratt for helping set this all up, and to Lori and the entire KSL team for the opportunity!

Photo Nov 18, 11 58 24 AM (1)


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