Playground Sessions Affiliate Program

After many hours of development, we are proud to announce that today we have officially launched The Playground Sessions Affiliate Program! This program will allow anyone to earn money by sharing their love of Playground Sessions.

An affiliate program is an arrangement in which a company pays an individual (affiliate) to send buying customers to its website. The affiliate typically accomplishes this by simply sharing links to the company’s website through blogs, social media, videos, or anywhere else the affiliate decides. When a customer clicks on an affiliate’s link and then buys a product from the company, the affiliate who provided the link is then credited for being responsible for the sale and therefore receives a portion of the sale.

To get started with The Playground Sessions Affiliate Program, simply follow these steps:

    1. Visit and click on “Create Account”.
      Step 1
    1. Fill in your account information.
      Step 2
  1. Read and agree to our Terms & Conditions.
    Step 3

That’s it! You’re all set.

After agreeing to our Terms & Conditions, you’ll be directed to the Dashboard of your affiliate portal.  This is where you’ll be able to track your sales, view reports, confirm your level and commission rates, and generate affiliate links. Here is a breakdown of what you’ll find in the affiliate portal:

  • DASHBOARD – The Dashboard gives you an overview of your affiliate sales and contains a shortcut to the “Affiliate Link Generator” tool, which is used to create your affiliate links.


  • LINKS – Click here to either view all of your previously created affiliate links, or to create a new affiliate link.


Create New Link

  • ORDERS – Here you’ll find details on your past Orders, your Pending Orders, your Qualified Orders, and your Non-Qualified Orders.


  • RATES – Click here to see your current level and your current commission rate.


  • REPORTS – Visit the Reports section to access your daily and monthly sales report.


  • CHAT – Click here to chat with our support team.

Before earning affiliate commissions, you’ll need to first create affiliate links. To create an affiliate link which can then be shared, follow these steps:

    1. Simply type, or copy and paste, any link into the “Affiliate Link Generator”, found in the bottom right corner of the Dashboard screen. (You can also use the Affiliate Link Generator that’s found on the Links page)
      Affiliate Link Generator
    1. Once you’ve added the link into the “Affiliate Link Generator”, click the “Generate Link” button.
      Generate Link
    1. After clicking the “Generate Link” button, you’ll be redirected to your “Links” page where you’ll see a “Success! New Link Generated!” conformation located at the top of the screen, and a “Copy To Clipboard” button located beneath your newly created affiliate link.
    1. Once you click on the “Copy To Clipboard” button, a pop-up box will appear with your affiliate link. Copy this link using the keyboard shortcut Control+C if you’re on a PC, or Command+C if you’re on a Mac.
      Affiliate Link
  1. Paste this affiliate link (onto your blog, website, videos, etc.) when promoting Playground Sessions and you’re all set! All sales generated from the use of your link will be credited to your account.

Each affiliate will be paid a commission rate that corresponds with his Tier ranking. Upon signing up, everyone will start in our Level 1 Tier. Once you’ve created affiliate links and began garnering sales, you’ll automatically be upgraded to new our new Tiers, based on sales thresholds that you meet. Here are our current Tiers and commission rates:

Our Level 1 affiliates will enjoy the following introductory rates:

  • Keyboard Sales – 5%
  • New Memberships / Gift Codes – 15%
  • Renewals – 5%
  • Songs / Lessons – 15%

Affiliates who have earned over $500 in sales will be upgraded to our Level 2 tier. Level 2 affiliates will enjoy the following introductory rates:

  • Keyboard Sales – 5%
  • New Memberships / Gift Codes – 16%
  • Renewals – 5%
  • Songs / Lessons – 18%

And last, but not least, affiliates who have earned over $3,000 in sales will be upgraded to our Level 3 tier. Level 3 affiliates will enjoy the following introductory rates:

  • Keyboard Sales – 5%
  • New Memberships / Gift Codes – 17%
  • Renewals – 5%
  • Songs / Lessons – 20%

The Playground Sessions Affiliate Program is open to anyone who would like to spread the word about Playground Sessions and get paid for it. We look forward to you joining our affiliate program as we continue to build the Playground Sessions community together.

Playground Sessions

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