The Best Way To Learn Piano Online

by | Jul 22, 2015

The world of piano lessons has come a long way. What was once only accessible to those who could afford and make time for in-person lessons, has evolved with technology. In the new digital age, you don’t need expensive, time-consuming lessons to learn piano, when you can learn piano online.

Why Learn Piano Online?

Online piano lessons have quickly become one of the most popular and fastest growing ways for people to learn how to play. Given its affordability and the convenience it affords, it’s no wonder that it’s a steadily growing industry.

As the online piano lesson industry continues to grow and fill up with more and more products, it becomes more and more important to understand how these products set themselves apart from one another. Which ones work online and which work offline? Which ones use real audio backing tracks and which use MIDI backing tracks? Which offer real-time feedback and which don’t offer feedback at all? These are just some of the ways that piano teaching programs in the digital age differentiate themselves from one another.

TopTenReviews Recognizes Playground Sessions

In their latest assessment, TopTenReviews focused on elements like these and compared them among what it categorized as the top 10 online piano lessons. After completing the reviews, Playground Sessions was awarded the Gold Award and labeled the best way to learn the piano online! Needless to say, we are extremely happy and proud to be considered the best way to learn to play the piano online by TopTenReviews. At Playground Sessions we work really hard to provide the best piano learning experience through the use of our technology, gaming elements, and scoring features. It’s great to see others share in our passion for our product.

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Start learning piano today.

Join the 64,000 people who are learning with Playground Sessions.

Start learning piano today.

Join the 64,000 people who are learning piano with Playground Sessions.

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