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We are honored to by selected by Tutorful as one of the Best Piano Resources. Tutorful, the UK’s leading tuition marketplace, surveyed 60,000 of their students, parents and tutors to recommend the best ways to learn piano. Playground Sessions made the shortlist. This selection would not be possible without our thousands of users! We would like to thank all of you who voted in Tutorful’s survey, and we would like to thank Tutorful for featuring us!

How To Learn To Play Piano: The Ultimate List For Beginners

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2 thoughts on “Playground Sessions — Best Piano Resource by Tutorful”

  1. I have a few questions
    1. How can I see Harry Connick teach the first few lessons? I enjoyed the rhythm lesson but would like to see more.

    2. Do you have to have a keyboard for these lessons to get the most our of them?

    1. Mariya Stepanenko

      Darlene, please see the answers below.
      1. We provide two lesson samples with Harry. A Rookie level lesson on rhythm, you mentioned:, and an Advanced level lesson on genres and styles: To see the full curriculum, including the rest of the lessons with Harry, please sign up for a membership and download our app.
      2. To have access to the full interactive experience with real-time feedback, accuracy scores, progress charts, and more, you need to connect a keyboard or digital piano using a USB or MIDI cable, depending on the available ports. That way the app can track what you’re playing and instantly provide feedback, which is essential for the learning experience, especially if you’re a beginner player. If you don’t have a keyboard, feel free to browse through our keyboard bundles here:

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