Playground Sessions 1.5 released!

Today, the Playground Sessions team is proud to announce the release of Playground Sessions 1.5. This release makes some important improvements on previous versions of Playground Sessions.

What’s new in Playground Sessions 1.5

  • Interactive Tour: This new software tour lets users easily walk through all of the core features in Follow Along, Practice, and Perform modes.
  • Independent volume control: These new controls allow users to independently adjust volume levels for accompaniments, count in, metronome, piano, and videos. Also lets users turn the piano volume off completely so they can use their own instrument speakers instead.
  • Redesigned settings prompt: Brand new interface allows both novice users as well as advanced users to take control of their settings and preferences.
  • Advanced audio output control: Gives advanced users option to select preferred audio channels, sample rates, and latency.
  • New high quality default mixing: Improved default mixing settings for accompaniments and piano sounds, creating a much more crisp and high quality playback.
  • New Welcome to Playground prompt: Updated content and walk through video.

Minor improvements in 1.5

  • New Manage Installations button in the Help Menu.
  • MIDI configuration prompt detects new midi devices immediately without closing and re-opening.
  • Changed enter “Serial key” text on license prompt to “License Key” to match our website/email texts.

Bug fixes in 1.5

  • Offline mode now works properly.
  • Facebook posts now include the correct message.
  • Guitar Center songs included in package now work properly.
  • Switching sections no longer causes random video to show.
  • Slow speed accompaniments are in sync with sheet music.
  • Fixed minor spelling errors.
  • Piano button now works when switching between practice/perform
  • Segment sheet music randomly switches when changing lessons.

Downloading and installing

System requirements

Before installing, make sure your computer meets the system requirements.

Downloading Playground Sessions 1.5

Playground Sessions provides 1.5 for Windows and Mac OS X in a variety of languages. You can get the latest version of Playground Sessions 1.5 here.

Installing Playground Sessions 1.5

Please note that installing Playground Sessions 1.5 will overwrite your existing installation of Playground Sessions. You won’t lose any of your lessons, practice records, or badges.

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