Playground Sessions 2.5

We are excited to announce the release of Playground Sessions version 2.5! This version includes many improvements and bug fixes.

You can download the new version here:

Change Log

Lesson Player

  • Fixed glitch with cancelled practice records
  • Removed tempo slider from toolbar
  • Improved custom tempo prompt to show slow, normal tempos better and allow 200% of normal tempo.
  • Metronome is now defaulted to be on.
  • Videos are now 75% smaller in file size for quicker downloads and smaller hard disk requirements

Application Updates

Playground Sessions for iPad Version 2.0

Hello Everyone!

Today we’re excited to announce a big update to our iPad app: it now supports videos!!

This is a huge step forward in bringing big features and functionality to tablet versions of Playground Sessions.

Along with this, we’ve also added some huge improvements, including the ability to play Playground’s interactive sheet music lessons using the app’s on-screen keyboard instead of a physical keyboard. Our on-screen keyboard now supports multi-touch (you can play and hear more than one note at a time) and can be used in the lesson player for real-time feedback.

We’ve also updated the iPad app…

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The Health Benefits of Playing an Instrument

Most human beings love music. It really does not matter where you go on the planet, you will find people making music.

This has been the case for thousands of years. The fact that human beings have devoted so much time to learning to play an instrument suggests that there is a good reason for this love of music. The urge to create melodious sound is one that is part of our nature, but why that is the case is still not fully understood.

However, there is growing evidence that playing an instrument is good for…


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New Songs – John Legend, Taylor Swift, Christina Perri, and Tchaikovsky!

This week we added a fresh batch of songs to our library, just in time for you to learn over the weekend! The songs include:

“All of Me” – John Legend

All of Me










“Blank Space” – Taylor Swift

Blank Space










“A Thousand Years” – Christina Perri

A Thousand Years










“Swan Lake” – Tchaikovsky

Swan Lake










These songs are all available in Rookie,…

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11 Ways To Learn Piano Faster With Playground Sessions

Life is a race.

In today’s world, people are constantly looking for ways to to get things done as quickly as they can. Whether it’s travel objectives, or personal, economical, or health goals, the desire to accomplish most things as fast as humanly possible is a code that a lot of us live by.

And learning to play the piano is no exception. When people are looking to learn how to play the piano, they often prioritize the ability to accomplish it in the fastest way. Fortunately, while learning to play an instrument can’t happen overnight,…

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The Best Way To Learn Piano Online

The world of piano lessons has come a long way. What was once only accessible to those who could afford and make time for in-person lessons, is now available via books, DVDs, streaming, and many other mediums. Given the many choices on the market today, people now have plenty of options for picking the kind of lessons that best fit their schedules, and their wallets.

Among the various ways to learn the piano, online piano lessons have quickly become one of the most popular and fastest growing ways for people to learn how to play….

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Playground Sessions 2.0!

We are excited to announce the release of Playground Sessions version 2.0! This version includes many improvements and bug fixes. Here are the details:

New Lesson Player

We completely revamped our Lesson Player to better use screen space and give users better visualization of their progress

  • New Lesson Player Section Navigation
    • Shows all sections in great detail
    • Easily see which lesson & section you are on.
    • Shows complete / incomplete status of each section
    • Shows user’s best accuracy
    • Has two modes: open and close, to allow users to better use Playground with different screen sizes.

Playground Sessions Community: Janeen Miller Plays “My Immortal” Intermediate

We love when our users contact us and let us know about all the progress they’ve made using Playground Sessions. But even more, we love when our users SHOW us their progress by sending videos of themselves playing some of their favorite songs, learned through Playground Sessions!

Here’s the latest user to showcase her progress – Janeen Miller. Her song of choice: “My Immortal” (Intermediate) by Evanescence. Keep up the great work, Janeen!

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Playground Sessions and Yamaha Corporation of America Partnership

As we continue this journey to provide a way for people to learn how to play the piano through the use of technology, we continue to meet and form valuable relationships with individuals and companies who believe in our mission and our product.  Our latest partnership has been with Yamaha Corporation of America. Check out this article in Musical Merchandise Review magazine, announcing our partnership:

We look forward to building our relationship with Yamaha as we continue on our path to inspire and…

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