How To Play the Main Theme from “Game Of Thrones”: YouTube Tutorial

Accompanying Blog Post For Video: “How to play ‘GAME OF THRONES’ on the piano


What an epic song for an epic show! I’m a die hard GOT fan personally, and every time that theme song comes on I sing a long and get pumped up. It’s a perfect 3/4 melody and toggles between two beautifully written phrases. Here are a few other reasons I chose this song to arrange and teach to you guys:


1. Mix of Minor and Major Modes

At first glance (or listen), this song is definitively minor. But upon further inspection, we see that’s not fully the case:

A lovely transformation occurs after the main theme is introduced… a major variation of the main theme follows! A perfect borrowing from the major key to add variety and intrigue to this melodic theme. As it usually does, jumping between major and minor modes can toy with your emotions a bit. That kind of tension and release is what makes beautiful music in my opinion.


2. 8th Notes At Different Placements In Different Measures

The 3/4 pattern is strong throughout, but not repetitive. It’s the genius of this simple melody!

When learning how to play in a time signature other than 4/4, it can sometimes be difficult to keep track of the beat when 8th notes are involved. For that reason, this song is a great learning tool because the 8th notes fall in different places depending on which measure you’re in. Sometimes we see a measure with notes written { 1-and, 2, 3 } with the 8th notes at the beginning of the measure on beat 1; other times we see { 1, 2, 3-and } with the 8th notes at the end of the measure on beat 3; etc…

It almost couldn’t be written better if the song was intended to be a tool to practice divisions of 3/4 measures! Had to teach it for you beginner/intermediate rhythmic players out there 🙂


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– Phil

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