How To Play the Intro to “Photograph” by Ed Sheeran: YouTube Tutorial

Accompanying Blog Post For Video: “How to play ‘PHOTOGRAPH’ by Ed Sheeran on the piano”



“Photograph” is a beautiful, folky ballad that sounds great translated to the piano! This arrangement is an easy/intermediate level that will get you playing sooner thank you think. Here are a few things that make it simple without taking away from the song’s beauty:


1. Right Hand Melodic Phrases Repeats

This beautiful one-measure phrase repeats throughout the duration of the intro, while the left hand plays different roots. This of course makes it easy to learn,


2. Four Chords In One Left-Hand Position

The left hand part for this section is very simple to play, but still covers a lot of ground. Single notes cover the roots of the chords, but it doesn’t sound thin or empty when you play with hands together because the repeating right hand melody covers the chord tones that the left hand leaves out. For example, the first chord of this section is a G major chord (G, B, D). The left hand only plays the G, but if we look at what the right hand is doing on top of that single left hand note, we see (among other melodic notes) a G, a B, and a D. Together, the chord is complete! The same is true for each of the other chords to come.. the right hand melody fills in with chord tones where the left hand is lacking.


If you love using your favorite songs to learn the piano, check out ‘PHOTOGRAPH’ at the Playground Sessions YouTube channel. If you like what you see you can download the app to learn the rest with our interactive sheet music.


– Phil

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