How To Play the Chorus to “Work From Home” by Fifth Harmony: YouTube Tutorial

Accompanying Blog Post For Video: “How to play ‘WORK FROM HOME’ by Fifth Harmony & Ty Dolla $ign on the piano”


This tune is very straightforward and accessible on the piano, and that is not usually true for hip hop music. That’s the main reason I chose to teach this one! Here’s why I believe it lays well on the piano and is a quick learn:


1. Repetitive Chorus

The first 8 measures are essentially two-measure phrases that repeat 4 times. Boom! You learn 2 measures and now you know 8. Songs like these are great tools to sustain a student who lacks patience… For all you teachers out there, remember this song for that reason. It’s a crowd pleaser!


2. Melodic Hand Position Does Not Change

The right hand stays strong in an Ab major position, and even within that we mostly just play the first 3 notes of that position. The end of the chorus has us finally reaching up to the high Eb, but it does not require us to move positions at all.


3. Mostly Easy Rhythms

We have a few 8th notes in this section, but for the most part we are playing strong beats only (quarter notes played on beats 1, 2, 3, or 4). This makes it much easier to put together, especially with both hands, because you can focus mostly on the notes themselves without also having to worry about difficult syncopations.


If you love using your favorite songs to learn the piano, come check out ‘WORK FROM HOME’ at the Playground Sessions YouTube channel. If you like what you see you can download the app to learn the rest with our interactive sheet music.

– Phil

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