How To Play the Chorus to “Girl Crush” by Little Big Town: YouTube Tutorial

Accompanying Blog Post For Video: “How to play ‘GIRL CRUSH’ by Little Big Town on the piano


I don’t often hear a pop song like this. Nowadays there are a lot of dance beats and not a ton of “real instruments” very present in the mix. What I love about “Girl Crush” is that it harkens back to an old-school style R&B vibe, while still staying true to the country category. Here’s one way they do it that stuck out to me:


6/8 Time Signature

Again, not a very common thing to see in today’s pop music, so I jumped on the opportunity to teach it! 6/8 time signature means there are six 8th notes per measure, and those are typically split down the middle symmetrically into two groups of 3’s. This is much different from our more often seen “common time” or 4/4. It is, though, common in older country, blues, and R&B songs.

Another great thing about this time signature is that we have a lot of dotted notes. A dotted quarter note is the same duration as three 8t notes tied together. So since our measure of 6/8 is divided in half symmetrically, we can see a group of three 8th notes on one side, or we can see a dotted quarter note in the same spot.


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– Phil

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