How to Play the Chorus to ‘Love Lockdown’ by Kanye West

Accompanying Blog Post for YouTube Video: “How to Play ‘LOVE LOCKDOWN’ by Kanye West on the piano”


I love when hip hop music is melodic and musical. Often, even if the song is great on its own, a rap song will not have many chords or interesting melodies, so it can be difficult to play a good arrangement on the piano.

But this Kanye song, “Love Lockdown” is almost more of an R&B song, with Kanye singing the whole time and with piano chords underneath. So this is a great…

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Playground Sessions 2.5

We are excited to announce the release of Playground Sessions version 2.5! This version includes many improvements and bug fixes.

You can download the new version here:

Change Log

Lesson Player

  • Fixed glitch with cancelled practice records
  • Removed tempo slider from toolbar
  • Improved custom tempo prompt to show slow, normal tempos better and allow 200% of normal tempo.
  • Metronome is now defaulted to be on.
  • Videos are now 75% smaller in file size for quicker downloads and smaller hard disk requirements

Application Updates

  • Shows multiple version updates (if user hasn’t updated in a while).
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Playground Sessions 1.5 Released!

Today, the Playground Sessions team is proud to announce the release of Playground Sessions 1.5. This release makes some important improvements on previous versions of Playground Sessions.

What’s New in Playground Sessions 1.5

  • Interactive Tour: This new software tour lets users easily walk through all of the core features in Follow Along, Practice, and Perform modes.
  • Independent volume control: These new controls allow users to independently adjust volume levels for accompaniments, count in, metronome, piano, and videos. Also lets users turn the piano volume off completely so they can use their own instrument speakers instead.
  • Redesigned settings prompt: Brand new interface allows both…

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