Michael Jackson Piano Cover Favorites

It goes without saying that Michael Jackson has been a very inspirational figure in the world of music! His songs have touched so many lives, and his moves have influenced dancers for generations. Today we’re sharing five of our favorite Michael Jackson piano covers. Check them out!

This arrangement of Smooth Criminal is very high energy and captures the spirit of the song. Definitely a great arrangement!

Bence Peter@bencepeter
A very talented arranger that we just recently became aware of, Bence takes a very creative approach to Human Nature by layering different sounds to deliver a fully produced and beautiful arrangement.

Part of the allure of this mashup is the creativity in the video. ADpianist does a great job of creatively layering sounds to enhance the sound of the arrangement.

This video had us intrigued from the start by properly emulating the introduction to Beat It. A great arrangement to say the least!

Definitely one of the best medleys of Michael’s Jackson’s music that we’ve run across! And the white piano only makes it better.

Let us know what you think about these covers and share your favorites in the comment section below! Also, click here to learn a Michael Jackson song of your own: http://playgroundsessions.com/store/view-song/260

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