Playground Sessions 1.4 Released!

Today, the Playground Sessions team is proud to announce the release of Playground Sessions 1.4. This release makes some important improvements on previous versions of Playground Sessions.

Here’s a quick look at some of the changes in the new version:


Bug Fixes

    • Fixed licensing installer.
    • Fixed expired members losing purchases.
    • Fixed Guitar Center accounts.
    • Feature -> Recently Added now works. This will now show the most recently released 40 songs.
    • Metronome timing
    • Badges now sync properly on fresh installs
    • Arrangement by labels show the correct person

Major Improvements

    • New “Full Screen” mode.
    • MIDI device monitor. Playground now detects when you plug in in a new keyboard.
    • Multiple language support, starting with Chinese!*
    • New “Edit Purchased Lessons” prompt allows users to install and uninstall lessons.
    • “Hide Note Labels” button allows users to remove both note names (A, A#, etc) and Fingerings (1,2,etc) from the notation.
    • Improved compatibility with Mac OSX 10.8+.
    • Clicking “Download” on a lesson adds it to the queue. Hovering over a “Queued” lesson allows you to “Download Now”.
    • “Perform” button now clickable in any segment, automatically forwarding to Full Song.
    • Choosing a segment other than Full Song brings you back to “Practice” mode.
    • Improved visual quality for Macs with Retina displays

Other Improvements

    • Faster app initialization.
    • File signatures are checked during download, which will reduce occurrence corrupt files.
    • Lowered Minimum Screen Resolution to 1024×768.
    • Maximize Playground Sessions window by default.
    • New Main Menu that is cleaner and always present.
    • Billing info is no longer required if the balance is zero.
    • Old “Install Everything” removed.
    • New splash screen.
    • New Help Menu entry “Open Playground Data Folder” that opens the Mac Finder / Windows Explorer folder for Playground.
    • New Help Menu entry “Clear Playground Data” that allows a user to quickly remove all Playground Data, Lesson Data, Lesson Assets, DRM licenses, and Account/License settings.
    • Improved logging for easier debugging.
    • Playground logs are now compressed and rotated, which keeps the user from having giant log files.
    • New sharp and flat symbols on keyboard.

*To sign up as a translator for other languages, email us at or register at We will be offering great benefits for translators.


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